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"Words, words, words.." ~ hamlet




* video archive from a performance at the Elektra theater in Times Square.

Title: Most Likely To

Type: One man show

Pages: 23

Genre: Drama

Characters : 1m

I wrote this solo performance play back in 2014

when I was feeling overwhelmed by all the injustice and police brutality inflicted upon my brothers and sisters. 

It is semi-autobiographical and sadly still VERY relevant today. 


Title: Buttering Toast

Type: Full length 

Pages: 93

Genre: Comedy

Characters : 2m, 1f, 1non-specific


*picture taken at INTAR theater in Hell's Kitchen

My first completed full length play was born from it's title, which I randomly wrote down one day and thought "hm, imagine a play with a talking toaster". 

Although it is a comedy it deals with themes like, depression, death, suicide, and heartache. 


*picture taken at the Dramatist Guild Foundation Music Hall

Title: Brick Thieves

Type: Full length 

Pages: 101

Genre: Drama

Characters : 7m, 2w

Although the town in my play is fictional, this play was born from an article I read once about a small district in St.Louis where people were stealing bricks off of houses.

It centers around a father and son relationship in need of repair. 

IMG_6117 2.GIF

*an artists' depiction of Joice Heth during a paid viewing in 1835

*picture taken at a reading in NYC

Title: The Joice Heth Project

Type: Full length 

Pages: 65

Genre: Drama

Characters : 3m, 1w

I learned about Joice Heth's existence by chance while reading a magazine. It hit me in a not so good way that, like most people, I had no idea who she was. I had no idea that she was bought by PT Barnum and was the sole focus of his very first attempt at showmanship. 

Her existence has been buried. So I felt she needed to be dug out.

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